Program Curriculum and Pedagogy


The history of formal and organised architectural studio-centric education is relatively recent in time. For instance, MIT commenced courses in architectural education as recently as in 1868. However, we are aware of the rich architectural history and legacy in India and her neighbouring countries that are enshrined in the treatises of Manasara (6th to 8th centuries CE) and Yingzao Fashi, China (11th Century CE). Our curriculum therefore provides opportunities for scholarships in the theoretical foundations of India’s architectural theory and philosophy, and in the most recent advancements in modern day construction technologies and architectural designs.


Adhering to the JNAFAU Syllabus, our B.Arch curriculum is centered on a studio sequence of increasing complexity. In addition to design studios, courses include architectural drawing and graphics, construction technologies, acoustics, lighting, landscape architectures, structures, design communications and professional practice. It also includes topics beyond architecture, for a holistic education.


We have paid special attention to details by ensuring students access modern laboratories like Material Museum, Design Studios, Construction Yards, Workshop Spaces for model making and carpentry, and lecture theatres.