Architecture Placements

Since architecture is one among the rarest professions in the world, architects are responsible to teach the society to balance the better survival of humans besides any other creatures on the planet.

  1. The main focus of the department is to bring great employment opportunities for students.
  2. It creates a platform where both learners and diverse sectors of the industry come together.
  3. It co-ordinates with faculty members and provides assistance to the students about their professional development. Also, there are internship opportunities available at the institute to familiarise students with the functioning of the architecture world right from a shelter to a landmark, technology to techniques and execution to publish.

Professional Paths for an Architect

  1. Architect (building, town planning, urban scape, landscape)
  2. Interior Designer
  3. Product Designer
  4. Furniture Designer
  5. Architecture Journalism
  6. Conserving Architect (history of architecture analyst)
  7. Technologist (building material and construction)
  8. Architecture Software Designer