Students Clubs

To give students an all-embracing campus life, ASPA enables the students explore interests, opportunities and passions. From learning environment to cultural premise, activities are offered all year round to fulfil intellectual and personal interests—ranging from career development to intramural sports, rich literature, photography and more.

A number of Clubs have been instituted for students to take initiative for developing and show casing their talents.

  1. Photography Club
    i) Chikka Jeshwanth Shiva Sai
    ii) Nizami Taher
    iii) Satish Kumar Nattachalam
    iv) Jalagam Sahith Rao
  2. Culturals Club
    i) Karasala Guru Priya
    ii) Velugupati Nitish
    iii) Akhila Reddy P
    iv) Phanindra Ch
    v) Pakkiru Bhargavi
  3. Literature Club
    i) Sanka Naga Yashaswini
    ii) Karri Deekshitha
    iii) Hrithik Shetty
    iv) Momina Fatima
    v) Mohammed Salman Pasha
  4. Sports Club
    i) Soma Nitish Reddy
    ii) Srinivas Reddy
    iii) Srinivas Reddy V
    iv) Vavilla Gayathri